Russell Group of Universities Guide – What to Study at Sixth Form – UK


The Russell Group of Universities has produced this guide because they think that it is really important for all young people to have clear information about how the subjects that they choose to study in the sixth form or at college can affect their options at university and their chances in life.  That way, they can make well-informed decisions.

As a group of 24 leading universities in the UK, they want to help ensure that young people are well-informed. They have developed this guidance in close consultation with admissions staff and managers in all Russell Group universities and with very helpful advice from the Institute of Career Guidance. When it comes to choosing your A-levels or other advanced level qualifications, it can be tempting simply to choose subjects that you enjoy and which interest you. But it’s also important to think a bit further ahead and to consider what you might want to do in the future.

If the idea of going to university appeals — whether or not you know which subject you want to study — having the right information now will give you more options when the time comes to make up your mind. There’s no getting away from the fact that the subjects you study in the sixth form or at college will determine which degree courses will be open to you in future.


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